This class assumes that you have have installed Scientific Python packages such as numpy, as well as the Python requirements modules used in preceding classes (e.g., APLpy, etc). In addition the following modules should be installed for this class (may require sudo):

easy_install sampy


We have provided this “Collection of Online Astronomy Tools” for the purposes of this workshop. The COATPy package wraps up a number (2 presently) other modules that exist but lack turnkey installation:

  • pyvolib
    • author: Shui Hung Kwok
    • comment: an updated version of the python software used in past virtual observatory summer schools.
  • vaods9
    • author: Omar Laurino, SAO/VAO
    • comment: a wrapper to the SAMPy interface for sending messages, including “xpa”-like commands, between python and ds9.
    • documentation


SAMPy is a python library that provides a connector between the python command line interface and other desktop applications such as ds9, TOPCAT or Aladin.